Anhydrous alcohol (Biofuels)

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The rectified spirit is dehydrated to produce Absolute Ethanol( Fuel Ethanol) suitable for blending with Petrol and Diesel.


  • It’s primarily used as a biofuel.


We make 3 grades of anhydrous alcohol – Pharma, Food, and Perfumery grade.

Technical Overview

Specific Gravity at 15.6 deg. C  
Ethanol content % v/v at 15.6 99.50
Misibility with water Miscible
Alkalinity -
Acidity as Acetic Acid 60 ppm
Aldehyde as acetaldehyde 1000 ppm
Ester as Ethyl Acetate -
Methanol -
Residue on evaporation 50 ppm
Permenganate reaction time -