Biobased Butanol

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We manufacture Biobased Butanol aligned to our goal of sustainable growth based on biomass.

Biobased Butanol is widely used as a raw material in the production of industrial chemicals & solvents primarily used in Paints & Coatings, Food, pharmaceutical, textile, and the cosmetics industry.

Packing: HDPE Drums, ISO tank, IBC


  • Solvent in Paints, Coatings & printing ink Industry
  • As an intermediate in the production of solvents such as butyl acetate & butyl acrylate.
  • Solubilizer / swelling agent in the Textile Industry
  • Solvent in Cosmetics & Personal care Products
  • Additive in Polishes & Cleaners
  • Used as a fuel

Technical Overview

Product : Biobased Butanol
CAS Number : 71-36-3

Colour-Hzn Max 10
Assay (%) Min 99.00
Moisture (%) Max 0.50
Acidity as Acetic Acid (%) Max 0.01