Crotonaldehyde – 99%

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We have two grades of Crotonaldehyde. Crotonaldehyde 99% is an unsaturated aldehyde with commercial applications in the fragrance, food, paints, agriculture and adhesive industries.

Packing: Tanker Load, HDPE Drums, ISO tank, Composite Drums

Crotonaldehyde has been certified by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the BioPreferred program for 100% Biobased Carbon content.


  • To manufacture butyl alcohol, butyraldehyde, sorbic acid and synthetic vitamins.
  • It is also used as a warming agent in fuel gases and in organic synthesis as a solvent
  • In the agricultural industry, crotonaldehyde is used as a raw material for crop protection. When reacted with urea, it is used as slow release fertilizers.

Technical Overview

Product             :Crotonaldehyhde
CAS Number    : 4170-30-3

Appearance Clear to Slightly Yellowish Liquid
Assay (%) Min 99.00
Acidity as Crotonic Acid (%) Max 0.30
Moisture (%) Max 0.20
Colour (Hzn) Max 50
Specific Gravity @20 °C 0.850-0.860