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 Jivana Classic Sugar
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Jivana Classic Sugar is made from superior quality sugarcane. Our company has been in operation for over 75 years. We employ eco-friendly farming practices, certified production processes, and stringent quality control measures to ensure purity, hygiene, and consistency in our sugar. The optimum-sized Jivana sugar crystals melt easily, giving the desired sweetness in each spoon and ensuring there’s no wastage.

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Jivana Classic Sugar Benefits
  • Pure Sugar

    It is the pure unadulterated sweetness of superior quality sugarcane that reaches you as Jivana Classic Sugar.

  • Hygienic & Untouched by hand

    We use innovative and international standard automated production processes that give you hygienic sugar that is untouched by hand.

  • Safe sulphur free production processes

    Our production processes are certified by Food And Safety Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI), making it completely safe for consumption.

  • Consistent quality

    Certified and sustainable practices on field and in the refinery ensure that we maintain consistency in the quality of our sugar.

  • Desired sweetness through optimum size sugar crystals

    We understand that having the right amount of sweetness is important. Our medium-sized sugar crystals which are extracted from the first and best juice of each stalk of cane, guarantee that you get the right amount of sweetness each time.

Jivana Brown Sugar
Buy Jivana Brown Sugar online in India

Jivana Brown Sugar is a grainy golden brown sweetener made from premium cane and has a higher content of natural minerals in comparison to refined sugar. Its mild caramel flavour goes well with hot & cold beverages, desserts and cakes. Our manufacturing unit in Karnataka applies innovative processes to ensure we retain the inherent goodness of cane in this natural sugar.

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Jivana Brown Sugar Benefits
  • Goodness Retained

    Jivana Brown Sugar is rich in minerals that are obtained from premium quality sugarcane

  • Certified & Pure

    FSSAI certified, innovative & automated processes ensure we provide hygienic, pure and consistently good brown sugar each time.