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Jivana Classic Sugar is made from superior quality sugarcane. Our company has been in operation for over 75 years. We employ eco-friendly farming practices, certified production processes.


Jivana Brown Sugar is a grainy golden brown sweetener made from premium cane and has a higher content of natural minerals in comparison to refined sugar.


The use of sugar in the food industry is wide spread. It can be used as a sweetener, additive, preservative. White and brown crystalline sugars are used as sweeteners in home cooking and the food industry.

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Additives play an important role in food and beverage manufacturing as they not only help to stabilize and lengthen the shelf-life, but also enhance flavor and texture of food products.

We work with food producers and manufacturers, contributing through our products to sustainable food manufacturing.  For example, our products assure food manufacturers for compliance on sustainable supply chain due to our production processes that are environmentally friendly. We understand the industry’s need for complete hygiene and make sure we deliver. 

One of today’s challenges for the food industry is to guarantee safe foods throughout the supply chain. During the distribution channel, food products need to be protected against deterioration. Chemical food additives preserve shelf life by reducing or eliminating the growth of microorganisms that cause food decay. Our food grade manufacturing facility is fully HACCP qualified and monitored by our modern lab.