Ethyl Vinyl Ether (EVE)

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Ethyl Vinyl ether is a clear colourless, low-boiling liquid with an ether-like odour. It is used as a synthetic building block and a monomer.

The product is derived from bio ethanol and is a 100% bio-based solution. It will assist companies meet their environmental goals by making their supply chain greener (Scope 3 emissions)

We strive to help build a cleaner and greener world by taking less from the environment, maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing waste in the production process.

Packing: MS Drums/ISO tank


  • Ethyl vinyl ether is used in fragrances as stabiliser and reactive diluent maintain consistency in perfumes and impart enhanced stability. It can also be used as intermediate for synthesis of F&F ingredients.
  • It finds application in pharmaceuticals as dispersant due to its solubility. It was also used as anaesthetics and analgesics.
  • Ethyl Vinyl Ether is used as an intermediate in producing various agrochemicals. Some of which find application as insecticide.
  • Ethyl Vinyl Ether is a co-monomer for fluoropolymer resins for highly durable coatings. It provides solubility, adhesion and crosslinking. Ethyl Vinyl Ether is used in the production for polyvinyl ether resins.
  • It is also used as reactive diluents for thermally curing composites & UV-curable coatings and printing inks.
  • EVE can be used as lubricating oil additive.

Technical Overview

Product     : Ethyl Vinyl Ether
CAS           : 109-92-2

Parameter Specification
Appearance Colourless to Pale Yellow liquid
Purity (by GC) (%) Min 98.50
Ethanol content % Max 0.60
Water content % Max 0.20