Alpha cellulose and derivatives

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We are working on a variety of cellulose derivatives which have applications in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, plastic, textile, food, personal care and many more industries that touch our lives daily.


Our wide range of cellulose derivatives have applications in industrial, personal care and paper and plastic industries.

  • In the agricultural industry, our derivatives have applications as dispersant agents of pesticides and pelting adhesive of fertilizers and feedstuffs.
  • In Textiles and Plastic, they are used to make draperies, linings, dresses, buttons and tool handles. They are also used for paper board production and to make low weight automobile components.
  • Our derivatives are used in ink reservoirs of fiber tip pens and serves as a useful component for viscosity modification, release and binding.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, they act as excipients and thickener and viscosity binders in liquid dosage forms. Also used to make high absorbency products like diapers and certain surgical products.
  • Used to make cigarette filter tow. In the personal care industry, they are used as a fat substitutes and thickeners to keep quality stable and fresh and also used as a binder in facial cosmetics. Improves various performance characteristics in nail polishes.
  • In the mining industry, they act as a reagent for floatation of ores and also as a concrete additive in the construction industry.
  • Used in the adhesive industry in the briquetting procedure in smelters.
  • In the food and beverage industry, some derivatives are used as fat substitutes, anti-caking agents, emulsifiers and bulking agents.