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This is a non-denatured industrial alcohol has applications in the personal care industry, paints, coatings, printing inks, fragrance and flavor industries.


  • Distilled white vinegar is made from dilute ethyl alcohol which has an infinite number of end uses.
  • Used in fragrance, flavor, paint, coating, printing and ink applications.
  • It is also used in the production of personal care products such as creams, body wash, mouth wash, hair sprays, astringents, colognes and perfumes.
  • It is also extensively used as a solvent and preservative in pharmaceutical preparations.

Technical Overview

Product          :Rectified Spirit
CAS Number : 64-17-5

Appearance Clear Colourless Liquid
Ethanol Content % v/v @ 15.60C 95
Acidity as Acetic Acid (ppm) 20
Aldehyde as acetaldehyde (ppm) 60
Residue on evaporation (ppm) 50
Ester as Ethyl Acetate (ppm) 200