Textiles and Leather


Acetic Acid is used in the textile industry to increase the dye stability on cloth as well as acts as a solubilizing agent for water-insoluble Basic Dyes.


Biobase Butanol is used as a swelling agent in Textiles and also improves the absorption capacity of dyes and chemicals in textiles application. Biobased Butanol is also employed during manufacturing garments from coated fabric.


Ethyl acetate is used as a solvent and acts as a moistening and softening agent in textiles

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Our chemicals are used in a range of applications in the textile manufacturing process, from washing raw materials to finishing of the materials. We provide chemicals used to inhibit mould growth on leather, as solvents, for water proofing treatment of leather; while our dissolving grade cellulose has traditionally been used in the production of viscose filament and viscose staple fibre. We ensure that our production processes are as environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible.

Our high-quality, eco-friendly products are used in a range of applications in the textile industry such as in the manufacture of linings, fabrics, and home furnishings.