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 Jivana Spices

Introducing a range of Pure Spices, in the powdered & whole form ~

Our premium quality spices are manufactured at our fully automated unit in Karnataka. Mindful sourcing, timely procurement, stringent quality control and well managed production and packaging processes ensure that only Pure & Fresh Spices reach Jivana consumers.

In Powdered Spices we are launching 5 variants for now. Jivana Turmeric powder has a larger quantity of Curcumin, a bio-active compound with anti-inflammatory and strong anti-oxidant properties which are highly beneficial to ones health. Jivana Kashmiri Chilli powder is medium spicy with a striking red colour that will enhance the look and taste of your recipes. Jivana Spicy Chilli powder is made using the finest red hot chillies from Southern India. Sorted, cleaned and ground in a controlled atmosphere the spicy chilly powder has its pungency and freshness retained, thereby adding a zing and rich colour to your food. Jivana Coriander powder is made using only premium coriander seeds, and works well with curries, barbecue foods, dals as well as vegetables. Our Garam Masala is definitely worth adopting, as it would add a delicious taste and distinct aroma to your food, yet not altering the authentic taste of your recipe.

In our Whole Spices range we will have available the best sabut/whole spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom etc. sourced from best locations within and outside the country.

Jivana Spices will be available in " Freshness Intact " packing and in convenient pack sizes.

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