NaturoBG ® (1,3 Butylene Glycol)

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Our 1,3-Butylene Glycol is manufactured from bio-based renewable resources adhering to the commitment of connecting the world with nature. Our product is used as a raw material and approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE and conforms to the ECOCERT & COSMOS standards. We are committed to giving plastics and resins an Eco touch and also providing natural raw materials to the Cosmetic Industry.

HDPE Drums, ISO tank, Composite Drums, IBC.

NaturoBG ® (1,3-Butylene Glycol) has been certified by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the BioPreferred program for 100% Biobased Carbon content.


  • 1,3 Butylene Glycol is used as a multifunctional Emollient and Humectant. It is widely used in Skin-Care and Haircare Formulations and other Personal Care applications such as Cosmetic Face Masks.
  • 1,3 Butylene Glycol is used as an intermediate for the manufacture of polyester plasticisers and unsaturated polyester resins and polyurethane paints.
  • In heavy duty brake-fluid formulations, gelling agent for gelatin and similar proteins, humectant for cellophane, tobacco, unsaturated polyester resins and resins for polyurethane paints, Alkyd resin paints and wetting agent in inks.
  • Stabilizer for pharmaceuticals.
  • As an intermediate for the manufacture of polyester plasticizers.
  • Solvent in the fragrance industry.
  • In the food and beverage industry, it is used as an additive and has antimicrobial properties and is also used as an additive in packaging of foods and beverages.

Technical Overview

Product :(±)1,3-Butylene Glycol

Trade Name: NaturoBG ®

CAS Number : 107-88-0


Appearance Clear Colourless Liquid
Assay (%) Min 99.50
Acidity as Acetic Acid (%) Max 0.010
Moisture (%) 0.50
Specific Gravity @ 20 °C 1.004 – 1.006
Colour-Hzn Max 10
Odour Normal