We have a legacy of progressive sustainability. Our company is built on the belief of our founder “Give back to society more than you receive”. While we have grown and prospered, the belief continues to be the guiding principle behind our dedication to the communities where we work and live.

Our corporate values describe what we stand for, namely the balance between being economically successful, ecologically responsible and contributing to the society. We work with our customers and communities to try to build a better tomorrow.

For us, sustainability is a continuous journey in which we travel along with various stakeholders, investors and customers, employees, communities and suppliers and distributors. Interactive engagement mechanisms and collaborations make this journey rewarding.

Chemical science has an important role to play in addressing environmental challenges. Innovations in the commercial use of renewable resources as a raw material for chemical manufacture can play a great role in sustainable value chains of many industries.

We work across industries to replace non-renewable sources with a more sustainable alternative. Our multi-purpose pilot plant facilities can produce quantities from 0.5 to 2.5 metric ton scale for customer sampling and scaling up products from laboratory to production scale. 

Sustainability Report