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We are committed to delivering sustainable and high quality bio-based n-Butyl Acetate. It is a versatile chemical compound that finds application in various industries as Chemical, Polymer, Flavor & Fragrance, chemical, pharma industry etc.



  • n- Butyl acetate’s most common industry use is in the production of lacquers and
    paints (due to its moderate volatility) as a solvent for excellent levelling and gloss.
  • It is an excellent solvent for cellulose nitrate, resins and polymers and for oils and
  • It is used in the manufacturing of artificial leather, plastics adhesives and
    hardened coatings and topcoats. It is widely used in automotive coating and
    wood coating.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry n-butyl acetate is used as a solvent and an
    extraction agent.
  • Other industry uses include lubricants, intermediaries etc.
  • Butyl acetate is used in several cosmetic products a flavouring solvent in
    perfumes, as diluent in nail paint formulations etc.
  • It is also used in various home and personal care products.

Technical Overview

Product         : NATURO BUTYL ACETATE™
CAS  NO.       : 123-86-4
EINECS  NO. : 204-658-1


Test Specification
Appearance Clear Colourless liquid
Purity(%) Min 99.00
Moisture(%) Max 0.10
Acidity as Acetic Acid (%) Max 0.20
Specific Gravity at 200 C 0.881 to 0.885