Bhumilabh, an organic bio-compost, manufactured & marketed by Godavari Biorefineries Ltd, ensures higher fertility, greater yield & reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers. Bhumilabh is a high quality 100% natural product that enriches the soil and helps in providing with Healthy Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Crops, Cereals, Plants, Gardens, etc.

Across the world, prolonged use of chemical fertilizers has depleted the fertility of the soil & resulted in reduced crop yields & nutrient deficiencies. Farmers have realized this and are now switching over to Organic Farming.

Bhumilabh is the unique answer to soil health. Humus is the fuel that enhances the soil life. It improves the Biological & Physical properties of the soil & also the growth of beneficial microbes. Improved soil health results to the healthy growth and development of the plants. Bhumilabh performs this balancing act & helps to reduce dependence on chemical inputs, it is ideal for all types of soil, in all seasons.

ECOCERT guarantees its competence, efficiency, independence and impartiality are continuously supervised and maintained. The procedure is designed for the benefit of the operators (farmers, processors and traders) involved in organic agriculture as well as that of the consumers. ECOCERT's inspection and certification program is based on the organic standard of the NPOP, EC 2092/91, USDA (NOP), JAS Organic Standard and other private standards. The certification service we offer is in compliance with ISO Guide 65 as accredited by COFRAC, the French public accreditation body and respective governmental accreditation agencies in US, Japan and India. Inspection and certification is ECOCERT's contribution to creating the confidence required for ecologically sensitive market needs and assuring credibility in commercial exchanges. ECOCERT is engaged in the following certification programs: National Standards for Organic Production under (NPOP) – Indian Organic Standards.

  • 1. Physical
    • Good for all types of soil.
    • Good during all seasons.
    • Its humus content improves soil condition.
    • Improves soil texture & tilth.
    • Provides better environment for root development & aeration.
    • Increases water holding capacity of the soil thereby protecting crops during water-shortage.
    • Helps in controlling soil erosion.
    • Has pleasant earthy odour.
    • Contains Organic matter and all macro and micro nutrients.
    • Absolutely free from weedseeds, plant pathogens & nematode cysts.
  • 2. Economical
    • Lower input costs.
    • Lower Operating & Maintenance costs.
    • Better profits & returns.
    • Higher yields.
  • 3. Organo-Chemical Ecology benefits over 3 — 5 years
    • Increases production of all crops - 20-40%
    • Reduces use of important chemical fertilizers - 25-30%
    • Reduces use of herbicides and insecticides - 40-50%
    • Increases strength and life of crops and reduces overall cost of production –25-30%
    • Rehabilitates marginal lands. Restores 10-30% of all land to full production.
    • Improves flavour, quality, product life of all crops.
  • 4. Ecological
    • Contains Organic matter and all macro and micro nutrients.
    • Absolutely free from weedseeds, plant pathogens & namatode cysts.
    • Ideal growing medium for fruits, flowers, vegetables & all other crops etc.
    • It contains a huge population of bacteria, fungi, antinomycetes etc.
    • In short, it helps in integrating land soil, water & waste management.
    • No adverse effects & better environment.
    • Helps in integrating land soil, water & waste management.
  • 5. Chemical
    • Adds nutrients to the soil thus reducing total dependence on chemical fertilizers
    • The humus content draws water as well as other nutrients from the soil
    • Lowers leaching losses by promoting higher water-retention
    • Provides micro-nutrients in adequate & sufficient quantities